If we believe your property is over assessed our success rate is over 90%.

We have assisted taxpayers in most of the 92 counties in Indiana as well as many taxpayers in Cook County, IL and the greater Chicago area. For those appeals in other counties/states we have generally been successful.

Appraisal Management was incorporated in 1990.

Our employees have close to 60 years’ experience in the property tax area that includes appeals, business personal property tax, and property tax incentives (such as abatements and enterprise zones).

Essentially any property that is assessed (manufacturers, hotels, apartments, retail, offices, healthcare, residences, special purpose properties, etc.).

We typically work on a contingency basis (a percentage of the savings) so that our clients don’t have to pay out of pocket. The contingency allows us to share the savings with the client. The contingency fee can change according to the size of the property.

Current Indiana legislation allows taxpayers to apply for refunds for the prior 3 years, or 6 prior tax payments on factual errors only, i.e. measurement of building, incorrect wall & frame type, etc. It depends on the state. Some allow refunds for prior years and some do not.

We have been in business a long time and believe we have achieved the respect and a good working relationship with the assessing/appeal officials we have worked with.

After inspecting your property and obtaining answers to a few questions (often less than one hour of your time), we can generally do most of our work off site such as collecting information to support an appeal. If you have an income producing property we will need to review the prior year’s income/expense statements. For business personal property we will need to review the last filed return and the backup for the return (fixed asset list).

To get started we would need our consulting agreement and authorization forms and contact information for our onsite inspection.